About Us

The Friends of the Aiken Symphony Orchestra (also known as Friends of the Aiken Symphony, and formerly known as the Aiken Symphony Guild), was founded in 1986 to bring professional, high-quality orchestra music to Aiken. We accomplish this mission through our partnership with the Aiken Symphony. The Friends is responsible for seeking donors and sponsors, providing Aiken Symphony musicians complimentary meals during their rehearsals, as well as organizing fundraising events that raise funds for educational outreach programming and to benefit the Aiken Symphony.

One of our primary fundraisers is the ever-so popular biennial event, Horses & Harmony, which features equestrian riders performing to live orchestral music, provided by Aiken Symphony and led by the Maestro himself, Dr. Scott Weiss (a one-of-a-kind event that combines Aiken’s passion for both horses and music). Additional fundraisers are also organized during the alternate years. Our educational outreach program, the Children’s Concert Series, is for all fifth-grade students in Aiken, Edgefield, and surrounding counties. To date, more than 40,000 fifth graders have attended these concerts, which feature the Aiken Symphony and gives students access to live orchestral music they may not otherwise receive. In addition, advertising in the Aiken Symphony Concert Program is a project of the Friends in support of your Aiken Symphony.

The Friends is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Generous contributions by people like you, corporate sponsors, advertising by local businesses in the concert program, and grant awards happen because of the efforts of Friends, passionate about bringing exceptional orchestral music to Aiken. We thank our donors, sponsors, Friends members, program advertisers, and all who attend the Aiken Symphony concerts for their continued support.